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Here's what some of our clients have said: 

Niko Pfund, President

Oxford University Press, USA

“I worked with Cécile for six weeks, an hour a week, and benefited greatly from the conversation and the experience. Our conversations left me feeling like I had gleaned some genuine insights into both my general approach to things and my current stage of life, and I found that, a couple of months after the program, I had acted on each of the points I had come to believe would make me feel more fulfilled and happier.”

Susan Patchett

Programme Coordinator

“Cécile's Growth & Insight programme has changed my life.  This programme is that golden opportunity for us to uncover our dreams with no holds barred. Then with realism setting out practical steps to get there in a way that accommodates circumstances and comfort zones.  Think of it as your flight of departure, the real journey starts on arrival and my adventure has just begun.  I can’t recommend this course enough. Cécile is down to earth but thinks outside the box, she is a good listener but also makes great suggestions. She has a knack for unlocking what is inside you to give yourself permission to listen to your gut instinct  and rise above the background noise to achieve what your soul is screaming out for.”

Oge Uneokafor

Digital Marketing Executive

"At the beginning of my coaching journey with Cécile, I wasn't sure what to expect but she surpassed my imaginations. She has handed me life tools that I can apply to almost every situation. No matter how complex or unfamiliar my challenges were, she was able to guide me through them with such expertise. Thank you so much, Cécile! I look forward to working with you again."

What other clients say...

"Cécile is very experienced and no matter how wildly different the scenarios are, she handles them with such calm composure!"


​"Cecile has a very unique blend of positive psychology, business and communication. She instills trust at every interaction and makes a huge difference by being present at the moment for you with each and every cell she has. Cecile thank you very much for "hearing" my inner self and making it audible for me as well."

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